Concert by Pablo Lapidusas International Trio

12 June 2020, 9:00pm

Pablo Lapidusas International Trio - P.L.I.N.T - One of the projects of the Argentinian/Brazilian pianist Pablo Lapidusas in a collaboration with the Cuban bassist Leo Espinosa and Brazilian drummer Marcelo Araújo. The trio, formed in 2014, has released two albums, namely "Live in Johannesburg" (2015/Ekaya) and "Bora (2018/Ekaya), the latter with the participation of the Brazilian legendary rapper Marcelo D2.

The trio also showcased at JAZZAHEAD! (Germany) in 2016, representing one of the 16 European acts, receiving great criticism. Since its formation, the trio has performed over 70 concerts in important clubs and festivals around the world including Brazil (MIMO FESTIVAL Rio de Janeiro and Olinda editions), Germany (JazzAhead!), South Korea (Jazz em Seoul and Daegu Jazz Festival), Portugal (MIMO Amarante, Évora Jazz Festival, Meo Out Jazz, Jazz ao Centro, Outono Jazz Festival - Casa da Música, Oeiras Jazz Festival, Encontro Internacional de Contrabaixo do Algarve, Jazz no Alentejo and Festa do jazz), South Africa (The Orbit Jazz Club), Mozambique (Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano) and India (The Piano Man Jazz Club in New Dheli and the Windmills Craftwork in Bangalore).

In 2019 the trio presented it's newest project with a symphonic orchestra performing pieces from their two albums, with orchestrations by Jaques Morelembaum, Luis Figueiredo, Ehud Ettun and Rodrigo Morte. Besides the performances, the trio exerts intense pedagogical activity, running workshops and masterclasses by Brazil, Portugal, India, Israel and Argentina.

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