Miguel Mira

Musician (Cello)


Miguel is an architect, painter and university professor, besides musician. Initially trained as a double-bass player, in the last years he has been focused in playing the cello, which he tunes in fourths (like a bass) and uses invoking all his double bass techniques. A veteran in the area of jazz (with sporadic incursions in the blues and rock), he has experimented most of its different tendencies, from the mainstream to the free jazz, passing by fusion. He played with such diverse musicians as Emílio Robalo, Celso de Carvalho, António Ferro, Armindo Neves, Carlos “Zíngaro”, Paulo Curado, Ernesto Rodrigues, Abdul Moimême, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Joe McPhee, Evan Parker, Jeb Bishop, Scott Fields, Joe Giardullo, Harvey Sorgen, Patrick Brennan, Steve Swell, Peter Evans, Harald Kimmig or Fred Longberg H. Miguel Mira integrates Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio, a  duo with cellist Ulrich Mitzlaff,  IKB, Rajada com Pedro Sousa e Afonso Simões and the LST-Lisbon Strings Trio.

With these groups he has edited records in important labels, such as Nobusiness, Not Two, Creative Sources or multikult project.

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