Benedita Pereira



Benedita Pereira was born and raised in Porto, Portugal. She started acting in theater at the age of 8 in her hometown and soon found that acting was her lifelong passion. Her passion took her first to Lisbon at the age of 17, where she played the lead in several prime-time TV shows and also some theater plays. In 2007 she decided to deepen her acting training and moved to NYC to study at The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute and then later with her master teacher Polina Klimovitskaya. During 7 years in the US, Benedita not only worked on mastering her craft but also worked in several theater productions, in indie movies and television guest starring roles. Her international credits include the original play by Throes Theater “Halfway Through the Story of Our Lives” (NY), “The Blacklist” (NBC), “Versailles” (Canal+/Netflix), the indie features “I Hate The Man in My Basement” and “Ascension” (LA), among others. Benedita currently lives between the US and Portugal, where she has continuously been starring in several TV series both in comedic and dramatic roles, various theater productions and most recently had her first leading role in a feature, in the romantic comedy “Quero-te Tanto” by Vicente Alves do Ó. Benedita speaks 4 languages, has mastered several accents  and is invested in working in the 4 corners of the world. She’s currently shooting the TV show “Prisioneira” for TVI.
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