Rui Morais

Founder of Academia de Música e Dança de Alcobaça


Rui Morais has a degree in Law and has been working as an Arts and Culture Management Consultant. He studied saxophone at the Music School of Lisbon's National Conservatory and has been chairman of the Banda de Alcobaça / Academia de Artes since 2000, a non-profit organization that is a national point of reference for its educational, social and artistic projects. Founded the Academia de Música e Dança de Alcobaça, a 17-year-old educational institution specialized in the study of music and dance that also develops a yearly cultural programme run locally and all over the country, such as Cistermúsica (Festival de Música de Alcobaça, a strong brand for classical music in Portugal), Gravíssimo! (Low Brass International Academy and Festival) and CIMCA (International Music Chamber Competition), wich management he leads. Rui Morais also collaborates with a several of other cultural institutions at the national and international level.
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