Leigh Ann Hahn

Grand Performances Director of Programming

United States

Leigh Ann Hahn joined the Grand Performances team in 1992 after 15years of for-profit business marketing in several industries including banking, real estate and entertainment.  She has served as panelists for a variety of national, regional and local arts organizations, as seated on the Board of Directors for dance and service organizations across the city of Los Angeles and the State of California.  
Hahn is known for her bold programming that serves the large and diverse communities of Los Angeles that brings audiences and artists together to explore the historical and contemporary socio-political events and factors that impact our communities.  More than booking bands for the highly respected (hailed by Los Angeles Magazine as “best free outdoor concert series” and “a grand gift to the public ...democracy in musical action” by the Los Angeles Times) Hahn’s innovative approach brings local and international artists together to create unique programs as well as invites artists to bring new and unexpected programs to the people of the city that creates opportunities for true access to global performing arts.
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