Aixa Figini



Aixa Figini is an Argentine singer, musicologist and producer. She studied in the ‘Escuela Argentina de Arte Contemporáneo’ and in the ‘Centro de Estudios de Música Contemporánea in Buenos Aires’, and with renowned musicians like Susana Rossi and Juan Carlos Cuacci. She worked as a singing and vocal technique teacher in Argentina, as a professional singer she has over 15 year of experience with various music projects and styles: tango, Argentine folklore, Latin American music and vocal improvisation.

In 2012 she moved to London where she lived several years and where she formed a latin American music band called La Parra in homage of the famous Chilean singer and composer. She studied the music improvisation system of ‘Rythm with Signs’ created by the Argentine percussionist Santiago Vazquez and took part in several improvisation ensembles. She is a certified music trainer by Musicians without Borders, specializing in the utilization of music as a tool for community building and social cohesion.

She lives in Lisbon since 2017 where currently performs with her personal project of latinamerican and original music, is founder and conductor of Circular vocal ensemble and has started a project together with Portuguese singer Cristina Clara, to delve into the poetic-musical relationship between Tango and Fado.
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