Bernardo Lobo



Bernardo Lobo is a composer in tune with his time.

Produces original, contemporary music, from the brazilian elements that formed its head.

It is an exciting and sophisticated mix of samba, baião, ciranda, afoxé and xote that characterize his work and are present in the five albums that have already been released: Nada Virtual in 2000, Saturday in 2006, Saturday live in 2008, Valentia in 2012, C’ALMA in 2018 and Uma Viola Mais Que Enluarada in 2019

It has partnerships with: Milton Nascimento, Ivan Lins, Paulo César Pinheiro, Marcos Valle, Seu Jorge, Joyce, Pedro Luís, Moyseis Marques, Abel Silva, among other names in music.

Bernardo has sung in many countries such as: Germany, Japan, Belgium, France, Italy, England, Portugal, USA, Switzerland and Holland.

He shared the stage with great names like: Chico Buarque, Milton Nascimento, Edu Lobo, João Bosco, Cassia Eller, Seu Jorge, Carminho, Marcos Valle, Pedro Luís, Roberto Menescal, Wanda Sá, João Donato, among other names.





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