Europe in Sync


Centro Cultural de Belém

15 September 2019, 2:00pm

“Europe in Synch” is a Music Moves Europe preparatory action, laying the foundations of the European Culture Programme that will replace Creative Europe, from 2021-2027. The project sits the audio-visual sector (Film and Advertising Production companies, creative agencies, ad agencies and other players) down at the table with the music sector, labels, music publishers and composers, to peel back the curtains and unveil the actual workflows that each company / professional employs in the process that synchronizes music with moving pictures. Europe in Synch has already done these hands-on workshops at SPOT Festival in Aarhus (DK) and Live at Heart (SE). 
The important role of the music supervisor has come up every time - as a music publisher, Nuno Saraiva from Lusitanian Music Publishing assembled the project with expert music supervisors Markus Linde (Thag’s Agent, Hamburg) and Nis Bogvad (Copenhagen Film Music). Until this year Portugal did not have a dedicated music supervision company. João Santos has taken the bold step of opening Lisbon Music Supervision FLWH, Portugal’s first music supervision company.
The project will travel next to the Sonic Visions conference in Luxembourg, MENT in Ljubljana, before wrapping up its findings at Westway LAB Guimarães, April 15-18 2020.

Guest speakers | 

Nuno Saraiva, Project Supervisor, Europe in Synch
João Santos, Lisbon Music Supervision FLWH

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